Not Ronaldo, It’s a player who should be bartered Madrid if you want De Gea

Not Ronaldo, It’s a player who should be bartered Madrid if you want De Gea

If Real Madrid are still determined to bring David de Gea from Manchester United this summer, then they should be prepared to lose Toni Kroos Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

The German midfielder rated the Red Devils as a match tool if Los Blancos still has a crush with their main goalkeeper.

De Gea in two seasons ago almost became a Madrid player, if only sending the transfer details is not too late. In the end the Spanish goalkeeper is still staying at Old Trafford until this moment.

As if still intrigued by De Gea, Madrid was trying to bring it back this summer. El Real is not satisfied with Keylor Navas under their crossbar, although the Costa Rican player helped win the European Super Cup, Club World Cup, La Liga and Champions League in 2016/2017.

In the plan, reportedly Zinedine Zidane care club will try to make De Gea as the world’s most expensive goalkeeper with a transfer value of 40 million pounds or nearly double the mahk when purchased from Atletico Madrid MU in 2011, which is 20.5 million Pounds Sterling. But the MU seems to feel if this offer is still too cheap.

Red Devils want Madrid to be willing to provide money amounting to 60 million Pounds Sterling plus Toni if ​​really seriously eyeing De Gea. Looks outrageous indeed, but it shows how vital Manchester United’s best player for three consecutive seasons (since 2013/2014 to 2015/2016).

Kroos himself has become one of the favorite players for Jose Mourinho. He hopes to realize the former Bayern Munich transfer to Manchester after a failure in the era of David Moyes. The Portuguese coach feels if Kroos can be a tandem equivalent to Paul Pogba and Ander Herrera in midfield.

As a central midfielder, Kroos is a player with very good creativity. This is evidenced by the number of successful bait (66.26), key bait (2.45), and also assists (0.43) per 90 minutes last season.

This is clearly superior to Pogba (62.53,1.83,0.14) and Herrera (65.31,1.13,0.22). However, he needs a bodyguard who can cover his weakness in the defense because he is only able to record 2.02 successful tackles, 44% of air duel excellence, also 1.19 interception per laganya.

This is where Pogba (1.41,57.25%, 1.45) and Herrera (2.33,60.47%, 3.14) indicate skill. (Source: Metro, Squawka)

Valencia Intends to Seal Caricco From Sevilla

Valencia Intends to Seal Caricco From Sevilla

Valencia hope to bring Sevilla defender Daniel Carrico, who is expected to be offered a new contract by his club Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

The 28-year-old has played 113 matches for the Andalucians since arriving from Reading in early 2013 but has struggled to get under Jorge Sampaoli’s coaching time.

However, the arrival of Eduardo Berizzo as coach at Los Rojiblancos has changed everything, it is reported that he will sign a new contract until 2020.

The same report also stated that Valencia greatly tasted the services of the Portuguese defender as they were strengthening their defense.

The relationship between the two clubs is currently bad where Sevilla failed to get Los Cheon midfielder Dani Parejo last summer, which may end the transfer process.