Vertonghen on the Threshold Record Record with Belgian national team

Vertonghen on the Threshold Record Record with Belgian national team

Belgian national team defender Jan Vertonghen has the chance to set a record for most international performances.

This tough 30-year-old defender has now recorded 94 performances with the Belgian national team.

If playing in Group H World Cup Qualification 2018 against Bosnia-Herzegovina at Grbavica Stadium on Saturday (07/10/2017), Tottenham Hotspur defender will undergo the appearance of the 95th.

The number placed him as the second player with most appearances shifted the position of Timmy Simons.

However, if re-appear against Cyprus at Roi Baudouin Stadium on Wednesday (10/11/2017), Vertonghen will be level with Jan Ceulemans as the player with the highest number of appearances in the history of Belgium as much as 96 matches.

Still a mainstay in the defense of Tottenham and Belgium make Vertonghen still have a big chance to continue playing.

That way, he can break the record as a player with the most caps and not impossible will pass the number of appearances more than 100 caps. (Wisnu Nova Wistowo)

10 players with the most caps in Belgian national team history:

96 caps – Jan Ceulemans (1977-1991)
94 caps – Timmy Simons (2001-)
94 caps – Jan Vertonghen (2007-)
86 caps – Eric Gerets (1975-1991)
86 caps – Franky Van der Elst (1984-1998)
84 caps – Enzo Scifo (1984-1998)
83 caps – Daniel Van Buyten (2001-2014)
82 caps – Axel Witsel (2008-)
81 caps – Paul Van Himst (1960-1974)
78 caps – Bart Goor (1999-2008)
78 caps – Eden Hazard (2008-)