Matip: Wrong Will Hard To Terminate

Matip: Wrong Will Hard To Terminate

Liverpool defender Joel Matip believes that Mohammed Salah will be hard to stop for the opposing defenders Judi Poker Online.

Former Chelsea winger Liverpool was imported from AS Roma with benderol transfer of 50 million euros. The 25-year-old completed the sharpness of the Reds front line that has been occupied by Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane and Daniel Sturridge.

“Wrong has ever played in England, he has a very high ability in dribbling, managing tempo, and scoring goals. He makes the defenders desperate, “said Matip when asked for comments about the new Liverpool player.

“There are so many quality players on our front lines. They all have speed, and it will be very difficult for our opponents to stop them. “

Gary Pallister: My Lukaku Performance Exceeds Lacazette, And Morata

Gary Pallister: My Lukaku Performance Exceeds Lacazette, And Morata

According to Manchester United legend Gary Pallister, Romelu Lukaku’s performance is better than his rivals such as Alexandre Lacazette and Alvaro Morata.

Romelu Lukaku diboyong with the price of 75 Million Pounds, so far he was judged to appear with satisfactory performance of the coach and also the Red Devils fans.

“Indeed if we look at their performance lately, Lukaku performs better than Morata and Lacazette, he created a much more colorful game,” Pallister said.

“Surely the Jose Mourinho squad will be performing stronger in the new season, I will continue to support them record a great performance next season.”

Swansea Manager Sakin Confident Sigurdsson

Dua pemain Swansea City, Ki Sung-Yeung (kiri) dan Gylfi Sigurdsson.

Swansea Manager Sakin Confident Sigurdsson

Swansea City manager Paul Clement believes midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson is likely to stay at Liberty Stadium until the summer transfer window ends Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Icelandic national team players are the target of Tottenham Hotspur, Everton, and Leicester City. However, there has been no agreement between Swansea and one of the clubs.

Suspected, the size of the official Sigurdsson makes the clubs enthusiasts have trouble agreeing from Swansea. The club nicknamed The Swans called pegged 50 million pounds or about Rp 864 billion for his services.

“It’s not impossible that Sigurdsson will survive, I think everybody wants to know the resolution of this situation,” Clement said as quoted by the BBC.

Leicester reportedly had a bid of 40 million pounds to hook Sigurdsson but got a rejection from Swansea.

Not without cause Sigurdsson appreciated so expensive. His contribution was significant for the Wales team.

In the Premier League, the first caste of the English League, the 2016-2017 season, Sigurdsson contributed 13 assists.

The number was only lost to Kevin De Bruyne (18 assists) owned by Manchester City and Christian Eriksen (15 assists) from Tottenham Hotspur.

Not to mention weighing the ability to execute the dead ball. 27-year-old midfielder has scored six free kicks or carve the highest record since the Premier League 2014-2015.

Rooney refit the position in the national team

Rooney refit the position in the national team

Wayne Rooney finally spoke to the media about his decision to return to a career at Goodison Park, having left his childhood club Everton for 13 years.

He also admitted that his decision to leave Manchester United in the summer transfer market this year based on his desire to still get regular play time.

Rooney is very hopeful, with his decision to rejoin the Toffees, he will get the time he needs to play to convince Gareth Southgate, that he is still capable of playing the role of The Three Lions Skipper for the next few years.

Speaking to the media about the transfer process back to Goodison Park, the 31-year-old striker said, “I will be very focused on playing for Everton, and with the time I play, Southgate will have only two options: putting me back into the squad Major UK or get rid of me for good.

“I just hope to be able to give my best performance for this club, until Southgate will no longer ignore my existence. Currently, I do not feel in the saturation point or have a very rapid decline in my career as a football player.

“Coach MU, Jose has been talking to me before, maybe this is the best time for me to rethink my future as a player, and leaving United is the best, for myself as well as for the club.

“I also feel that with the ideal playing time, I can show my capacity as an attacker, and that’s what I hope now I can get along with Everton. Am I frustrated with the lack of playing time? Of course, throughout my career, I always play as a top choice, and when I have to see my teammates play off the bench I feel left out. ”

In addition, Rooney also expressed his desire to build The Toffees into a championship club along with Ronald Koeman, stating, “We have an ambitious team, we want to keep looking ahead, and try to push ourselves to the title.

Arsenal di fight”double sebagai Wenger masih Chelsea

Manajer Arsenal Arsene Wenger mengakui timnya menghadapi pertarungan untuk finis di empat besar, tapi dia masih ingin menangkap pemimpin Liga Premier Chelsea.

Back-to-back kerugian liga, termasuk kekalahan 3-1 di Chelsea terakhir kali, telah meninggalkan Arsenal di posisi keempat.

Tapi mereka hanya dua poin dari urutan keenam Manchester United, sementara mereka jejak sisi Antonio Conte oleh 12.

Wenger mengatakan timnya menghadapi pertempuran di akhir musim untuk menghindari menyelesaikan di luar empat besar untuk pertama kalinya sejak 1995-96.

“Ketika Anda berada pesaing Anda melawan bandar judi online,” katanya kepada surat kabar UK.

“Anda melawan sejauh yang Anda bisa dan kita berada dalam pertarungan ganda. Kami berada dalam perjuangan untuk berada di empat besar, tapi kami juga harus berjuang karena kami ingin menangkap Chelsea.

“Kita harus menolak untuk menyerah.”

Wenger bisa mendapatkan timnya kembali ke jalur saat mereka menjamu Hull City di liga, Sabtu.

Orang Prancis mengatakan timnya harus tetap fokus pada apa yang bisa menjadi waktu yang menentukan musim.

“Ini juga merupakan minggu yang menarik karena itu adalah tes yang baik di momen penting musim ini,” kata Wenger.

“Dan itu juga kesempatan yang baik untuk menunjukkan apa yang kita terbuat dari dan untuk menangani apa yang penting bagi kita -. Apa yang dipertaruhkan dan di depan kami di pertandingan berikutnya”