Automate Twitter

Automate The “follow” Process

Go to and Login with your Twitter username and password.

Once you are signed in you will see a box which reads “follow”…leave that.
The “up to” drop down menu – set that to “up to 500″. (It’s “up to” you)

In the box that reads: Twitterers talking about: Enter your niche keyword. Click Add.

You can add as many keywords as you want. One at a time (can be more than 1 word).
You will figure this out later as you get familiar with this.

Test It

Click on “Quick Run”next to your keyword.
This will add a few followings to you Twitter account.

Twollo will periodically find Twitter users with the keywords you are adding.

Add more keywords later if you want to grow your Twitter account faster.

Wait a day or so and see what it does for you. Don’t go crazy with this in the beginning.
The beauty is that Twollo will find users to follow for you which tweet about your

No manual work to find Twitter users to follow, unless you want to.

You can always find people to follow by going to or use the
search function on twitter.

Bulk Follow and Unfollow

When you have too many people that don’t follow you, you do not have to unfollow them
manually anymore. Every 2 days or so you can go to:

Sign in with your Twitter ID and password. Click on Whack (I didn’t pick that name).

Twitter Karma will download all your followers and followings from Twitter. Be patient.
This may take a while.
The larger your twitter “followship” the longer it will take. It’s worth the wait and
it’s FREE.

This would take you forever manually especially when your Twitter account has many

Where it says Show: drop down menu. Choose “only following”. Now, this will show you the
people who you are “following only”. You can choose one by one or just bulk unfollow the

Do the same with “only Followers” which means the ones that you have not followed yet.
I just check them all and bulk follow. I don’t want my Twitter account to look too
unbalanced. If people don’t follow you after a couple of days, they probably won’t follow

Automate Your Tweets

Sign in with your Twitter username and password @

Check: Automatically send a welcome message to new followers.

My message goes like this:
Thanks for your follow! I will make sure to follow you back. Find out more about me on my

Check: Automatically follow people (new followers) who follow me from this point

Check: if you select this option, TweetLater will automatically unfollow those folks who
unfollow you. To protect you from any system glitches, we will never unfollow more than
ten people in one single go.

Don’t check the email option unless you love hundreds of emails because tweetlater will
send an email to your email account every time someone follows you.

Click save.

On top click on “Tweets”, then on “New Tweets”.

Tweet: here you write your tweet 140 characters. I usually check Save As Draft: Save
this tweet text as a draft that can be re-used later.

That way you can find the same tweet for later re-use. Here you can also schedule your
tweets to be “tweeted” at a later point in time. This is a very useful automation.

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